Leaving Dreams Behind

The Writing World

Various online & print outlets for the readable word.

Daily Cabal A new short-short story every weekday!

Duotrope's Digest Markets for Writers: Over 1675 current markets for short fiction, poetry, and novels/collections

Science Fiction Poetry Association Homepage of the SFPA, publisher of Star*Line

Illumen A magazine of speculative poetry

Abyss & Apex A magazine of speculative fiction

Strange Horizons A magazine of speculative fiction, poetry and art

Ideomancer A digital window on speculative fiction

Lone Star Stories A bimonthly webzine of speculative fiction and poetry

The Web World

Twenty Sided - DM of the Rings A dungeon master's comicbook spoof of The Lord of the Rings - great fun!

The Commercial World

If you are interested in purchasing David C. Kopaska-Merkel's titles, please visit any of the following fine purveyors of small-press publications.


Genre Mall

Spec House

Naked Snake Press

And for some catastrophe-related apparel...

Asteroid 2019