Issue 80

July 2008

Hanes Bach, cover
From the Brain Stem
Deborah P. Kolodji, Man'yoshu at Galactic Edge: Poems from the Courtesan
Bruce Boston, Sheep People
Steve Cooper, illo for "Sheep People"
Gary William Crawford, The Dream of Joe
Hanes Bach, illo for "The Dream of Joe"
Cathy Buburuz, illo for "Painting Ophelia"
Ann K. Schwader, Painting Ophelia
Robert Borski, Zoomorts
Gack, illo for "Zoomorts"
Todd Hanks, collage
Terrie Leigh Relf, That blinkety-blink ship you zoomed in on
Charles A. Gramlich, Blue Soul
Randy Moore, illo
Deborah P. Kolodji, Legends and Ghost Ships
Ann K. Schwader, After the Show at Karnak
assu, untitled
Greg Schwartz, untitled trio
Joshua Gage, A Grandmother's Tale
Irving, Tips for Young Monster Fodder