Issue 77


Megan Stringfellow,cover illustration for "Letter to Mars”
From the Brain Stem
Damian Michael, illustration
Darrell Schweitzer, Thomas the Rhymer Returns to Elfland
Brian Biswas, Three Degrees Above Absolute Zero
Rich Magahiz, Your Xanadu
Damian Michael, illustration for “Your Xanadu”
Joanne Merriam, Spring in Rutherford County
Gary Every, Letter to Mars
Duane Ackerson, The Mirror Globe
Cythera, Epithalamion for the Botanist’s Maid
Darrell Schweitzer, The Copyist
M. Frost, The Women of Myth
Martin Blanco, illustration for “The Women of Myth”
Neal Wilgus, Riprap
assu, untitled
Ruth Berman, God Playing Dice
Lawrence Harding, Granite Fingers
Bruce Boston, Holo People
G. O. Clark, Bait
Sean Thomas, back cover illustration, "Gear Beast"