Issue 72

September 2005

Angela Mark, cover illustration
Chris Ambrose, fossil
Michael A. Arnzen, Those Who Landed, Surprised to Discover That Zombies Had Taken Over the Planet
Angelyne Bosch, Nursling
Bruce Boston, Shadow and Sun in the Shadow City
Alan Catlin, After Part of a Line From Lost in the City
Cythera, White Snow
Gary Every, Creek Moon
K. S. Hardy, Moon Over Innsmouth
Elizabeth Keogh, After Medusa
Wendy Rathbone, Four Reasons Why I Want To Go With You
Terrie Leigh Relf, We can’t sleep ‘til morning
Marge Simon, A House With Many Openings, correction
W. Gregory Stewart, the broad strokes
MIkal Trimm, When Winter Dreams Of Summer's Realm
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Lust Sulks: A Sin-quain