Issue 71

May 2005

Denis Tiani, cover illustration
assu, illustration
Ann K. Schwader, NaniteMare
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Melissa Marr, The Moment of Impact
Bruce Boston, New Year’s Resolutions, 2223
Jennifer Crow, Discontinuities and Dislocations
Gary Every, Papago War Song
Steve Sneyd, Say When
s. c. virtes, Wheat Fall
K. S. Hardy, Star song
Michael Greenhut, Son of Shadow
cythera, The Spectre of Poe’s Wife Leaves Him a Message
James S. Dorr, Ratatouille
Lon Prater, Seekers in Dark Places
Kevin Donihe, Vortex
Gloundan Smorpian, Monstera stupidosa
M. B. Simon, An Obsolete Concept: 3005
Elizabeth Barrette, ExCommunication