Issue 54

September 1999

Dave Fode, cover illustration
Wendy Rathbone, The language of rain
Morgan Kopaska-Merkel, Shipwrecked
Jon Hodges, She died of herself
Ian Watson, Good heavens, Mr. Evans
Kendall Evans, Hair of god
Jeff Carlson, Exit
Joey Froehlich, Near Innsmouth
ER Carlin, When day breaks, you go
Ian Watson, Fossil man
Nancy Bennett, No one sleeps
Michelle Leasure-Firesheets *, Nyakang, dying, to his virgin, about to be buried alive
Scott Nikolay, a poet in the jungles of Rigel V
John Gray, The head
Deborah P. Kolodji, Ghosts of purchased flesh
Jamie Wasserman, How to find the dream king
D Crockell, Lure

* Notice of the passing of Michelle Leasure-Firesheets. One of her last poems was published in this issue.