Issue 53

May 1999

Dave Fode, cover illustration
Holly Day, Resident
Russ Miller, illustration
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Clark the ripper
Dave Fode, illustration
William John Watkins, New York ten years after the Resurrection
Scott E. Green, Cairn on the shore of the Gulf of Finland
K. S. Hardy, Out of shape
Nancy Bennett, Hour of the dragon
Steve Sneyd, If the doors of perception were cleansed
K. S. Hardy, The mysteries of sleep
Dwight E. Humphreys, Dead takes forever
Kurt Newton, Woman in a hutch
W. Gregory Stewart, Satan does the circuit...
John Grey, Scream 6
Natalie Johnson, A voice in the world
William C. Burns, Jr., illustration
Darrell Schweitzer, The sorcerer's prayer
Charlee Jacob, Impressions from Geiger's Necronomicons
Chapin Shaw Tucker, Sarah's crossing
D. Crockell, back cover illustration