Issue 51

October 1998

Virgil Barfield, cover illustration
Darrell Schweitzer, Another enigma
S. A. Mielke, The worm ring
Angel Reign, illustration
Bobbi Sinha-Morey, The devil may dance
Ann K. Schwader, Coming forth by twilight
Charles Fallis, illustration for "coming forth by twilight"
Susan Spilecki, Playing with dead dreams
Rhonda Eikamp, Coffin
William C. Burns Jr., illustration
Meg Smith, The mummies
Amy Nolting, The witch's painting
Keith Allen Daniels, Cthulhu calls collect
Corrine de Winter, The fall of Adam
William C. Burns Jr., illustration
Daniel P. Fusch, untitled
Corrine de Winter, this way before
Dave Fode, illustration
Marina Lee Sable, Edge of night
Dave Fode, illustration
Mark Fewell, This haunted house
Kiel Stuart, Downstairs, upstairs
Paul Weinman, Summer in the city
Cindy Main, Crash
Susan Spilecki, Suburban monument
Virgil Barfield, illustration
Wendy Rathbone, Secret rooms
DF Lewis, Cold air
Amy Jo Huffman, A siren's scream
Erik Buchanan, illustration
Gary Every, Love story