Issue 48

June 1997

Michael Wilczewski, cover cover illustration
Carol D. Page, RIP
Uncle River, Sentient Anomaly
Nancy Bennett, Moon Face
W. Gregory Stewart, coming out into the sun
Charlee Jacob, Oz ROM
Kendall Evans, untitled
Michael Larrain, Next to nothing
W. Gregory Stewart, Ode to the custodian
Jennifer Sweet, Creature of the night
Fred Boltz, The old trapper discovers the source of the wind
Uncle River, To travel in Ablicork
Stan Proper, Werewolf
Colleen Anderson, No resistant flesh
Marlys Huffman, Shadow flickerings
Fred Boltz, The cries of animals in pain
Nancy Bennett, Rapunzel Reasoning
John Grey, Joanna pulled from the stream
Glenna Holloway, Hawaiian Cowboy
Brandon W. Totman, Turning black at the edges
Keith Allen Daniels, Advertising in the Mutant Rain Forest
Lenka Vodicka, Twilight
Bob Cook, Fleshbreaker
W. Gregory Stewart, Caliban: On the creation of certain life
Catherine Francis, Hands
Jeff Ward, back cover illustration