Issue 47

October 1996

Lillian Kopaska-Merkel, cover
From the Brainstem
John Grey, History of the race
Cathy Buburuz, illustration
Charles Baudelaire (translated by Leslie H. Whitten Jr.), The vampire's metamorphoses
K. S. Hardy, The doorway of night
Fred Boltz, Crow dream
Donna Taylor Burgess, Fat daddy
Book Reviews
Kendall Evans, untitled
DF Lewis, The provenance of souls
John Grey, After the killing
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, The vampire explains everything
Brandon W. Totman, Milk
Kendall Evans, Mosaic
Charlee Jacobs, Seeker
Herb Kauderer, Full
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, In space they don't eat the skin
Ann K. Schwader, At Lamanai
Nancy Bennett, What is left after harvest
W. Gregory Stewart, Out by the airport
Rose Secrest, Exsanguinage