Issue 43

December 1994

Russ Miller, illustration for "RE: a quantum letter", cover
Karen Oyerly, Wolf
Anastasia Andersen, in human
W. Gregory Stewart, excuses, excuses
Mike Maiello, RE: a quantum letter
Book Reviews
Rhonda Eikamp, The King punishes the lovers
Joel Ward, Bad Penny
dan rafael, Co-mutation of calendar
Anastasia Andersen, illustration
DF Lewis, What's my line
Mary Winters, The starfish and the comet
W. Gregory Stewart, oh, yes - that one
Dick Dahlstrom, illustration
Bob Cook, Memoir
Joel Ward, The Succubus
Charlee Jacob, Seeking Daedalus
Herb Kauderer, Dilation
Hillary Lyon, The kiss
Michael A. Arnzen, Resuscitation
Jonathan Yungkans, Adrift
Gary William Crawford, for L.S.
William L. Ramseyer, Brain drain II
M. B. Simon, illustration