Issue 32

November 1990

Russ Miller, cover illustration for "Still on the Case"
David C. Kopaska-Merkel, after hours
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Jill Dimaggio, Sunday's Face
Russ Miller, illustration for Sunday's Face
Jack Shadoian, Still on the Case
Lisa Kucharski, intake
Lisa Kucharski, Sprung
Paul K. Sewell, illustration for Sprung
D. S. Black, Midnight Toil
Russ Miller, illustration
D. F. Lewis, Nomicos Inge
Alan Catlin, A Confusion of Planets
John M. Bennett, Enamoured from Death
steve sneyd, Miracle on the way to Emley
John Gray, At the Stroke
Jackie Ragan, Nocturne
Wendy Rathbone, Touching the Masterpiece
Wendy Rathbone, Burial
Paul Weinman, Onto Flesh
Nathan Whiting, your favorite Paleozoic evaporite
Anita M. Bernard, Baptism
Russ Miller, illustration
Keith Allen Daniels, Orrobyphus
Jim Garrison, illustration for Orrobyphus
Jackie Ragan, Genetic Engineering
Jim Garrison, illustration for Genetic Engineering
Alan Stewart, Provident House
Lisa Kucharski, untitled
Russ Miller, 2 illustrations