Issue 29

December 1989

Allen Koszowski, cover illustration for "the book of mirrors"
From the Brainstem
W. Gregory Stewart, Sabine
M.B. Simon, illustration
Ron McDowell, Dreaming, I...
Beverly J. Poston, Titan's Whores
Russ Miller, illustration for "Titan's Whores"
Scott E. Green, Brothers briefly glimpsed
Bucky Montgomery, illustration for "brothers briefly glimpsed"
David Lunde, The book of mirrors
Stan Proper, wallflowers
Dick Dahlstrom, illustration for "wallflowers"
Lee Barwood, Weresong
Dick Dahlstrom, illustration
Edward Mycue, Here: running water
M.B. Simon, illustration
David L. Transue, illustration
Russ Miller, back cover illustration