Issue 28

October 1989

Russ Miller, cover illustration for "Ex/Temporal"
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Paul Weinman, Keeping it in the Family
Russ Miller, illustration for Keeping it in the Family
Joy Oestreicher, Allah and the Dreamtime
David Lunde, Dawn in the Golden West
Lisa Kucharski, Sp. # 3/14
A. T. Allan, The mystery lady
Paul Weinman, Down by the Brickyard
Peter Dean, Kitchen Window
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Stan Proper, The Plowing Farmer
Dick Dahlstrom, illustrations
Gary William Crawford, Infected with the Night
Dan Crawford, November 18th of Alternating Years
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Gloundan Smorpian, The Living Room
Darrell Tutcheon, illustration for The Living Room
Elissa Malcohn and Robert Frazier, Ex/Temporal
Russ Miller, illustration
John Francis Haines, Alarm Call
John Gray, Meanwhile, Back in the Forest
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Lisa Kucharski, untitled
W. Gregory Stewart, Olduvai
Allen Koszowski, illustration
Alan Catlin, A Book of Revelations
Russ Miller, back cover illustration